mika kioussis

Ways of Listening: John Berger and Tilda Swinton (2012)
assistant editor: Mika Kioussis
director: Colin McCabe
producer: LCTV
10 min
Ways of Listening, British Library John Berger Series 

Thames Hospice Care (2009)
assistant director and producer, assistant camera and editor: Mika Kioussis
director: Chris Rawlence
producer: Rosetta Movies
10 min

Turner Prize Series (2009)
Richard Wright (2009)
assistant camera: Mika Kioussis
director: Nico Wasserman
producer: Tate Media / Channel 4 3 Minute Wonder
7 min / 3 min versions

Harlington Hospice shorts reel (2008)
director and producer, assistant camera and editor: Mika Kioussis
3:32 min

Jack in the Box (2001)
writer, director, editor: Mika Kioussis
producer: Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) Shortworks
11 min / 3 min versions

relinquish/relish (2000)
writer, director, editor: Mika Kioussis
producer: Centre for Art Tapes (Canada)
7 min